Artist Statement

A native of the greater Hartford area, Francie’s work is inspired by  her many years living in New Mexico.
It was not an accident that she was drawn to New Mexico. She has  always felt a profound connection to the native American culture and  their spiritual beliefs. The landscapes of the surrounding Santa Fe  area speak to her deeply. Her paintings are infused with the spirit  and culture of New Mexico.
Place and circumstance are the two things that draw Francie to her  subject matter. She feels and identifies with the hardships and  challenges that have occurred that paradoxically create the beauty.  Changing circumstances, erosion, and things abandoned are common  themes in her work. Her gift and insight as an artist is her ability  to see this beauty amidst decay.
Francie’s painting is informed by her many years of experience as a  photographer. While she became an artist in her youth, she did not  begin to paint with oils until she arrived in New Mexico. Painting En  Plein Air she relished the opportunity to create without rules or  instruction. The results are authentic and full of raw emotion.