Artist Statement


A native of the Hartford area and a self taught painter, Francie’s work is inspired by her many years in New Mexico. It was not an accident that she was drawn to New Mexico. She always felt a profound connection to the Native American culture. The landscapes of the surrounding Santa Fe area speak to her deeply. Her paintings are infused with the spirit and culture of New Mexico. She is intrigued by the story, the place and the circumstance of her subject matter. Her paintings ask the viewer to imagine what the subjects and places in her paintings past and story may have been. Expressing the staying power of that which won’t stay hidden. Worn hard by life, her subjects once vibrant and new, now display only the simple beauty of what remains. Francie’s painting's are informed by her many years as a photographer. While she became an artist in her youth, she did not begin to paint with oils until she arrived in New Mexico. Painting En Plein Air at that time, she relished in the opportunity to create without rules or instruction. The results are authentic and full of raw emotion.